Our Favorite Listing of FREE Activity Sheets and Coloring Pages !

Printable Coloring Pages and Activity Sheets:

Printable Youth Activity Sheets
Printable activity sheets are perfect for home school and home development activity time with your youth. All you need is a printer and some imagination ! Here are some great links to sites that provide free youth activity sheets!

Cut-Out Activities
Cut-out activities are great fun and teach early scissor and tape skills. Your children will use their imagination in role-play for many hours of fun. Paper dolls are a cost effective way to increase your doll collection, if your favorite paper-doll is lost or damaged, just print another!

Dot-to-Dot Activities
Connect the dots, follow the dots, dot-to-dot, is a favorite activity of all ages. Line-art dot-sheets are fun learning activities because children get to "discover" the hidden object. Connect the dots sheets can also be colored once the design has been completed

Bedtime Stories
Short stories, and bedtime stories are favorites of all children and good bonding for parents with quality reading-time. BUT, where do you find stories short enough? This is just what parents need. Classic stories and fairy tales that are formatted to allow you to print one before bedtime, and share a picture while you read the story !

Scouting/Camping Activity Sheets
Planning a camping trip, get the kids excited with this collection of quality camping coloring pages and scouting activity sheets. Need an activity for that Den or Pack meeting, just look here and print what you need. Outdoor activity coloring and activity sheets along with associated imagery and information.